HP printer is considered to be among the most reliable in the industry and another printer or IT equipment they are vulnerable to failure. Hp design new printer and with new features as much possible.
Every printer or any IT equipment working efficiency goes down due to some internal issue, it's critical to know how to fix the most common problems associated with these problems.In this article ill explain how to fix your hp printer easily.

  1. PAPER JAMS: Hp printers are more susceptible to paper jams than other printers. PAPER JAMS is a problem that comes with any type of printer, a printer can jam with any number of reasons due to use wrong paper type or bad quality paper used. To avoid this problem we have to use correct paper type and cleaning of printer periodically.
  2. GHOSTING: In this printer print a proper copy but a much lighter copy of that print can also print by printer due to the problem with the power outlet which is the supply of power is not efficient. To fix this problem you check the power outlet by plugging it into another printer. Ghosting can also be done due to some consumable printer part to fix this problem we have to eliminate or change that part to fix a problem.
  3. PRINTER IS DISPLAY A 50.4 ERROR MESSAGE: A 50.4 error message indicates the problem due to the power supply. This problem mostly arises when your printer is connected to a USP or any other strip, disconnect it and connect it directly to the wall outlet.A laser printer never is plugged into a UPS.
  4. PRINTER IS NOT PRINTING: This is most annoying when the printer does print but when you face this problem the look in two places to correct this particular problem, look on printer side or printing PC. If the application is set to print to the wrong paper tray then correct it and finding the tray selection source. On the printer side, the paper size must be matched with the paper tray.
    Conclusion: Problem is not permanent they can fix with many ways and these problems that I explain in this article are common if your printer does the same problem then use this fixes and for some Other issue related to your Hp printer then visit our site http://printersupportnumber.org/hp-printer-customer-support/